Inspiration and Progess

Poems and Illustrations by Shel Silverstein

My inspiration growing up was Shel Silverstein. He wrote his own quirky little poems and even illustrated them making a few thick books that sold so well. A lot of them are funny and good natured. Others are soft and really spoke to my soul even as a young child. He was kind of the reason I put myself into peotry.


These are my poems that have been illustrated. My recent poems are about how my family had become so broken and how happy things seemed in my childhood. I’m still trying to expand my horizons when it comes to illustrating and deciphering said illustrations.

Final Project


My plan remains that I will illustrate my most recent poems in the most relatable way I know how to portray them. The overall theme of them taking place all in one notebook. These may get vulnerable and deep but that is what my art is all about. Mostly psychology and depth. These poems portray and describe my innermost thoughts, desires, and drives. The medium will be pen and ink with the poem on the left page and the illustration on the right. I will also be writing them out so the audience can read them better. Some are gloomy but this should be no cause for alarm. It’s just how I cope with the things that happen in my life. Honestly, it’s kind of nice to be sharing them.


Look around

You feel the whole world shrinking

All the sudden you’re too big for it

And you have to take every step gently

Or risk destroying it beneath reckless feet

your eyes open and realize

The roles are truly reversed

That the world is bigger than you are

So much more

And the trick is care

That you don’t end up underneath



By the world you know



The world you love

Behind closed eyes


Fist of the Fallen Phoenix: Henchman Life


An overall recap of the process of our Pipeline Project: At first I was supposed to do storyboarding but with a small amount of time we slightly skipped that step and followed a script getting into the movie. My role in this pipeline project was acting and doing choreography as the character we named Shi (meaning death in Japanese). What I loved about the character was that Dean basically let me design her. This was the process. Drawing it out and planning the parts and materials I needed. I decided Goodwill was the best place to go

  • Sheets
  • Pillow Case
  • Scissors

That’s all I used.

I already had the shirt and pants so after that I started with the arm band Shi wears right below her right shoulder. I measured out three strands of the blue pillow case, and braided them together, tying them at both ends.

I then moved on to the arm wraps  and stomach wrap, which was cut out of one big sheet. The piece for the left forearm/ hand is only one strip, while the legs are two and the stomach is three. I added a belt to the costume as well. To me it really tied it all together. The mask was provided for me by Dean for shooting which was a lot of fun for me. I’d do it again.


The hardest parts were lining up schedules with the director and other actors, and  at times it was the choreography which had to be altered quit a bit due to height differences and awkward positioning. IMG_7841

After all the fighting was filmed we recorded our voices. Which my voice is clearly not menacing so I had to speak quit a bit deeper/ harsher than I usually do. Again I enjoyed being this character, and doing fight scenes. I would gladly work with Dean again.

Poster Making

Another job Christabell and I were asked to do was make posters. I had small thumbnails done and then drew the out line on Photoshop.Markley_Pipeline

After I received the color pallet from Katherine the lines were sent to the back so that all that could be seen was color change. As the supporting characters on each side Matt and Shi are smaller and humorously represented as a shoulder angel/devil also symbolizing good vs. evil. Also, Shi is placed behind Chris because she is but a henchman and loyally does as she is told without question. On the other hand there is Matt who has a voice in his relationship with Judah. Chris and Judah obviously in the middle and the largest figures symbolizing their importance in the film as the protagonist and the antagonist.

Final Product


I take on a very graphic anime style for the movie poster which I was told was what we were going for. Dean had originally asked for everyone who was formally in the movie to be placed in the poster which is something that was done by Christabell. Mine was more so for the final cast.


Pipeline Poster


Line work for the design of one of the movie posters. We want to go for an anime type style with bit of a funny twist, so I thought shoulder angel/devil for the main antagonist and protagonist would be humorous and also displays the opposing sides in a well balanced manor. Color will be added today.


The outfit I designed as a henchman for the movie made a reality. The mask was provided by the Head Director Dean. Pants were given to me by my boyfriend and the shirt is from my personal wardrobe. The arm band is three strands cut from a pillow case I bought at Goodwill braided together and knotted at the ends. The arm wraps and leg wraps are from a cut up sheet (also from Goodwill) tied together and wrapped tightly around my limbs. The shoes are also from my personal wardrobe. Storyboard progress will be posted later.

Work in Progress

Working on my costume for the martial arts movie. I am a henchman for the villain. I will also be working on the storyboard when the script is in order. my cat (Blue) wanted to helphenchmen_design

And this is the sketch for  what the costume should generally look like as the finished product.

Pipeline Project: Fist of Vengeance

I’m not sure what role I can play in producing a short Martial Arts film. I don’t have much experience with the whole thing? I could have a small role in acting it? But mostly because I’m not much good at anything else Cinema. My favorite scenes for this kind of stuff is like the ones found in the Bruce Lee films like “Game of Death”. I also find it enjoyable when they are combined with a sort of slap stick comedy as shown in the film “Kung Fu Hustle”. The only problems I could probably see happening is coordinating fight scenes and certain special effects. I suppose special effects could be helped by green screen and computer graphics. I’m not really sure what the plot is at this time so I’m also not sure what other problems may occur or how to solve them.